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01 January 2013

December 2012 Training Recap

December Training Recap

You will notice in this month that my total mileage stayed similar to that of November.  I had just enough motivation to maintain my running fitness, while building strength.  I spent most of this month focusing on functional strengthening routines, weight lifting, and seeking to improve hip strength and flexibility issues.  I really wanted to see how fast I could still go, basically where my speed was at.  I completed a few progressive interval sessions involving 400’s.  The final 400 of the sets was run at a 5:00 pace, which was fast, it hurt but not as much as I thought it would.  I guess the strength work had helped gain back some of the speed I had lost.  I plan on focusing on building strength/speed once training begins, in January, by running intervals and climbing!  Coming up I will write a post about recovery, taking a break, and the importance of building functional running strength in the off season.  Also stay tuned for a post related to my diet, VESPA,  and some of the things I changed this year to include more fat and eliminate carbs, to increase my fat burning efficiency, to enhance race day performance and recovery!

What I asked Santa for!!!


Run     98.3 miles        12:49:30         
Swim   11.0 miles
Bike     74.5  miles

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