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22 December 2012

November 2012 - Training Recap

November Training Recap

You will notice in this month that my total mileage climbed a bit from October and September.  I started to feel like moving a bit.  However the movement I sought was more along the lines of going straight up.  I had zero interest in speed or distance, I just wanted to climb.  So I did, I managed to gain 12,000 ft in elevation over 15 miles all done at 15%+ grade, not bad for WI. Other than just feeling like it, another reason I went down this road, or up, was that I really wanted to focus on building some of the muscular strength I had lost during the racing season.  Well let me tell you 15% grade will build strength quickly, or was it slow!  Either way I plan on focusing on building strength till training begin by running intervals and climbing!  Coming up I will write a post about recovery, taking a break, and the importance of building functional running strength in the off season.  Also stay tuned for a post related to my diet, VESPA,  and some of the things I changed this year to include more fat and eliminate carbs, to increase my fat burning efficiency, to enhance race day performance and recovery!

What I visualized while climbing in WI! Man I miss CO!


Run     95 miles    14:40:00   12,000ft Gain (15miles)
Swim   11.7 miles
Bike     87.5 miles

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