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08 February 2013

2103 Indoor Ice Breaker 5K Race Report

Round and Round The Petit I Go!

A short race report for a short race.

Like last year I decided to jumpstart my 2013 training by entering the Icebreaker Indoor 5k.  I am lucky the venue where this race takes place is less than 2 minutes from my house, so it’s convenient.  That being said indoor track was never my forte.  So I planned to show up a little early, run a good warm up, and then get ready to hurt!  Well I showed up 10 minutes before the start (kiddo issues), so best laid plans and all that right.  I quickly warmed up by pinning on my bib and throwing on a stocking cap, well I felt warm!

I walked to the start line where I was promptly ridiculed for my mangy, duct taped trail shoes and dirty bandana.  Oh well, guess the start of an indoor 5k, with track people, is a little different than a trail ultra. The gun went off and so did I.  I ran comfortably in 6th place for a few laps then decided to pick up the pace.  I moved up the field till there were 2 laps to go.  A good and bad thing happened here, they announce how many laps you have left.  A good thing for me I was starting to hurt so I only had 2 laps to suffer, bad because I now knew that 3rd place was out of reach, but good because I learned that 5th place was almost 45 seconds behind me.  So I let off the gas a bit in the final 2 laps.  I was able to finish in 4th and win my age group. (I didn’t learn that till the next day!)

This is a fun race series, they do a 5K, ½ marathon, and full marathon (90+ laps).  Speaking of the marathon it was crushed by another runner from my trail running group, Zach Bitter, with a screaming 2:31 CR. (His race report).  If you are looking for a fun early season run (really early) you can’t get better than an environmentally controlled race.

(Race photo 1 & 2)
Indoor Icebreaker 5K
19:06 4th Overall 1st Age Group

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