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20 August 2012

July 2012 - Training Recap

JULY Training Recap

This month I had a trail ½ marathon race to compete in.  I had run the Dances with Dirt at Devils Lake in 2011, as a training run and I had an idea to actually race it this year.  Well the recovery running carried over from June into July so in an attempt to get ready for racing, I spent my runs power hiking the tower hill trail at Lapham Peak and running down as fast as possible.  During the race I could tell how my lack of fast run training had affected my performance, I was able to only really run 50% of the up hills while I power hiked the other 50%.  This was a real problem as they reversed the course direction this year, so the amount of climbing doubled.  Luckily with the downhill practice I had I was able to smash the downs and catch a lot of individuals who passed me on the ups.  This was the second race I have worn my Hoka Stinson Evo B’s and they performed brilliantly.  It was also the third race I used VESPA to enhance my ability to utilize fat as a fuel and again I set a PR and grabbed a podium spot in my age group.  Stay tuned for a post related to my diet, VESPA,  and some of the things I changed to include more fat and eliminate carbs, to increase my fat burning efficiency, to enhance race day performance and recovery!

DWD 2012 Finish
(L-R Tom Schiessl, Nick Wied, Melinda Pedersen)


Run     133.3   19:25:42
Swim   7.4
Bike     63.3

Race Results
Dances With Dirt-Devils Lake Trail ½ Marathon
1:55:04  34/495 Overall 4/41 Age Group (30-34)

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