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17 July 2012

June 2012 Training Recap

JUNE Training Recap

This was a different month; it was time for recovery from my A race, the Ice Age Trail 50 mile, in May.  I shortened this recovery by jumping into the Kettle 100 Mile Trail Endurance Run by pacing Logan Polfuss in his attempt at completing the run.  Initially I had considered entering the night fun run (38 miles), which is part of the Kettle course; physically I was fine I did not however feel mentally recovered from Ice Age so I was not really mentally ready for racing an ultra distance.  Anyone who participates in endurance sports knows that the mental aspect of racing is just as important as the physical.  If you compare my May training run totals to June you will see that even though I ran less volume (miles) I spent more time on my feet, the reason for this was that instead of running I took two weeks and went hiking just spending time on the trails reconnecting with nature.  I also spent more time biking.  I am a big believer in rest both physically and mentally and will write abut this in the future!  Also Stay tuned for a post related to my diet and some of the things I changed to include more fat and eliminate carbs, to increase my fat burning efficiency!


Run     126.7   23:45:02
Swim   6.1
Bike     126

Race Results
Kettle 100 Mile Trail Endurance Run
(Paced) Logan Polfuss – 26:46:05 (54/118)

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