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03 May 2012

APRIL Training Recap

This was a busy month, but a great one for training!  Although my total running mileage decreased from March I had two really long runs and a fast 5K trail race.  The first of these was 31 miles on the Ice Age trail which covered 80% of the Ice Age 50 mile race course.  This run was completed slightly below race pace.  I not only felt great during the race but I also recovered by the next day which was a surprise.  The second was a 27 mile effort at race pace, followed by a 6 mile tempo run the following day.  I felt great during both of these efforts and again recovered quickly.  Another factor leading to the reduction in miles was my vacation to Belize.  While in Belize I did run on the beach, but just for fun an hour here or there, scuba dive, and hike several Mayan ruin sites.(Photos at bottom)  Interesting to note was that this vacation came between the two long efforts, and the rest that vacation provided allowed my body to absorb the load of the first run, and come back to run the second at race pace without any fatigue.  I am a big believer in REST and you can read more about my thoughts on rest in an upcoming post. 

This month I began working the VESPA nutrition company.  This is a great endurance product for individuals who have an appropriate diet, one high in good fats, with protein, and very little grain based carbohydrates (Optimal Fat Metabolism Diet).  To learn more about this product, its mechanism of action, and the diet which is appropriate please click on the link.  To read more about my diet please read this post and enjoy the new recipes!

I also got two new shoes the Montrail Rogue Racer and the Hoka One One Stinson Evo, I have run in both of them and they are very different and awesome!

I love to run fast, but hate speed work; I would much rather go anaerobic blasting up a steep hill.  That being said I do see the benefits of speed work; a faster foot cadence, race mindset practice, and increased muscle strength.  It is for this reason that I register for local 5Ks.  This month I raced in the Bear Trax Brownie Shuffle Trail 5K Race.  (Start Photo) (Finish Photo)This was a fantastic event supporting a great cause.  I managed to run a fantastic time of 16:53 (5:23 min/mile) which was good enough for 5th place overall and 4th male.  This race result, the long runs, and my consistent training, have me feeling very confident in my ability to perform well at the Ice Age 50 mile in a week and half!  Now its time to TAPER and decide which shoes to run in!


Run     163      23:35:52
Swim   6.5
Bike     47

Race Results (Start Photo
Bear Trax Brownie Shuffle 5K Trail Race
5th overall, 4th Male


San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Main Temple, Lamanai Mayan Ruins, Belize

Nurse Shark, Scuba Diving off of Ambergris Caye, Belize

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