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15 May 2016

2016 35th Ice Age Trail 50 Mile Race Recap

2016 35th ICE AGE TRAIL 50 Mile Race Recap

In the words of Winnie The Pooh, “It was a cold and blustery day!”  With the temperature for the entire race day hovering around 43F, and a strong wind many were left to scramble at the race start and later aid stations for extra layers.  Even though it rained the previous evening the course dried well, leaving it fast and forgiving.  Not forgiving enough for the men however as the DNF’s in the front were heavy.

While the weather may have been blustery, the pace set early on by the leader of the men was blistering! Tyler Sigl took the race out at his pace, silly fast.  Even with a ½ mile detour he cleared the first 9 miles in 58 minutes.  He managed to increase his pace coming through the mile 26.2 checkpoint in 2:49.  That equates to an average 6:27 pace, which had he continued would have had him finishing in 5:22 well clear of Max King’s 2014 Course Record of 5:41.  Tyler however was forced to withdraw at the mile 40 aid station due to physical issues.

Into the void ran the eventual winner Chase Nowak of Plymouth, MN.  The 27 year old ran a consistent fast and powerful race all day.  He finished strong, in 6:36, and was able to hold of a surge from the second place finisher.  With his win at Ice Age, Chase adds to his growing list of ultra wins. He is now 4 for 5.
Chase Nowak  photo:Catherine Leventhal

The second place runner Kevin Grabowski continues to add to his list of impressive ultra finishes and times.  The 47 year old not only managed to secure 2nd place but also first master’s runner with a time of 6:53.  Kevin ran through 26.2 miles in about 5th place, from there he managed to run consistent 7 hour finish pace while the other runners slowed.  Running smart and consistent he was able to hold off third place.
Kevin Grabowski  photo: Sid

Third place male Mark Thompson, followed up his 6th place at last year’s Ice Age with a 3rd in 7:02 this year.  The 38 year old from IA, added to his list of wins and podiums at Door County Fall 50 and Hawkeye 50k.

Top 10 Men
1.       Chase Nowak (RunNFun)             6:36:45
2.       Kevin Grabowski (LPTR)             6:53:44
3.       Mark Thompson                            7:02:12
4.       John Knudson                                7:13:15
5.       Neal Collick                                   7:16:58
6.       James Akita                                    7:32:34
7.       Mark Sharafinski                            7:38:53
8.       Ondrej Tomek                                 7:50:58
9.       Thomas Beehler                              7:52:12
10.   Jamie Rauch                                    7:58:43

The women went out a bit more controlled then the men.  Coming into the race were several fast women who all could have come out on top. One of them, Larisa Dannis, took control within the first 9 miles and kept that control till she crossed the finish line in 1st place.

Larisa came through the first 9 mile loop in 71 minutes, that’s a pace that would have put on target for a 6:33 finish, well under Kaci’s 2014 CR.  By mile 26.2 Larisa’s pace had evened out with her coming through in 3:39.  Larisa had a rougher patch in the middle but kept at it and maintained an even pace for the rest of the race.  She comfortably ran to 1st place in 7:05, which was good enough for 4th overall and 31 minutes ahead of second place.
Larisa Dannis at the Finish  photo:Larisa Dannis

Second place went to Meghan Kennihan, who ran a smart tough race.  Meghan hung in third place through the 26.2 checkpoint.  From there she managed to speed up enough to over second place, where she hung on through the finish.  Meghan crossed the line in 7:36 which was also good enough for 8th overall!
Meghan Kennihan  photo: Meghan K

Anne Portlock, had run two previous ultras in 2012, and then took a break.  She came back strong this year with a 7:41 at Ice Age which was good for 3rd place, and 10th overall.

Women’s Results
1.       Larisa Dannis (Hoka One One/InkNBurn)                    7:05:56 (4th OA)
2.       Meghan Kennihan (Flatlanders)                                    7:36:20 (8th OA)
3.       Anne Portlock (Oiselle)                                                 7:41:41 (10th OA)
4.       Becky Kirschenmann                                                     8:02:55
5.       Natalee Thompson                                                         8:18:30
6.       Meghan Prohaska                                                           8:39:34
7.       Jamie Blumentritt                                                           8:47:30
8.       Teresa Kaiser                                                                  8:49:17
9.       Shelley Cook                                                                  9:08:57
10.   Kimberly Arbinger                                                         9:23:30

Historical Finishes
As detailed in the pre-race this was the 35th edition of the Ice Age Trail 50 mile race.  In keeping with that history there were several individuals who completed milestone finishes this year.

The BIG 30!!!
That’s right Andy Arena completed his 30th Ice Age!! Congratulations for an amazing accomplishment, all 1,500 miles of it!!
Andy Arena celebrating 30th finish with his grandkids!  photo:Lisa Clapsaddle 

Keeping their long standing feud to be the last man standing both Parker Rios and Andrew Klapperich completed their 25th Ice Age!

Congrats you three on your longevity and being an inspiration to several generations of trail runners!

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